Garage Conversion

Project: Residential Garage Conversion

Status: Completed (drawings only)

Summary: Conversion of existing detached 2-car garage into detached accessory dwelling

Description: Client had commenced project with contractor to convert existing 2-car garage into a detached apartment for their parents, however preliminary designs were not in accordance with zoning or building department. In particular, the floor plans were approximately 40% larger than allowable by zoning. Through skillful design and judicious reductions, we were able to revise the designs and keep most of the requested functionality and age-in-place accommodations within the zoning limitations as well as allow for the casework and other materials which had already been purchased.

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Enlighten Church

Project: Enlighten Church

Status: Complete (2021)

Summary: Architectural Consulting

Description: Building tenant had a request from the local building authority to document their existing occupancy. We measured and documented the existing space and performed a basic code review to show applicability to existing code and required changes to uses of existing spaces. Scope did not include changes to the building.

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Residential Addition

Project: Residential Addition

Status: Completed (2020)

Summary: Conversion of covered deck

Description: Existing Fredericksburg, VA residence included a underutilized two-story deck & patio. The existing patio faced east with a southern extension of the residence blocking sunlight from reaching this area, creating issues with moss and algae. Homeowner desired to enclose the existing deck, expanding interior spaces and include fit-out of a self-contained, age-in-place/accessibility “Stiltz” lift. Our design enclosed the deck, adding space to the existing living room, a gas fireplace, and new exercise room in addition to providing space for the new lift. The project scope also included a new stamped concrete patio to replace the existing stone patio plagued with moss and algae, as well as a new curved deck on the south-facing elevation of the building.

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