About Us

Founded in 2018, C/M Architects brings over 20 years of architecture and program management experience to the historic Fredericksburg, Virginia region. We are passionate about both modern and historic design and construction, viewing the reconditioning, development, and re-purposing of existing and historic structures as an exciting challenge, not an onerous chore. We have extensive experience working with historic and architectural review boards in Fredericksburg, Stafford, and Spotsylvania and have a great track record in working with these review boards to gain successful approval for our designs.

At C/M Architects, we hold that “architecture” is more than building; it is a thoughtful response to the needs, aspirations, and sensitivities of the individual client.¬† Accordingly, the firm seeks to involve the client actively in the planning and design process; thereby, ensuring that each project remains true to its particular character. We will not, and do not desire to limit or remove the participation of the client’s involvement in this effort. This team approach allows for utilizing the special expertise of each member¬† to achieve a true state-of-the-art design solution.

Our team believes that good architecture comes in many forms and styles. Drawing on the collective education and professional experience of its staff enables the work produced to be conversant with the community as a whole, and not a mere reflection of current architectural fashions. This attempt to carry on traditions and make them relevant to our present times in terms of function, aesthetics, and popular acceptance marks an integral feature of our firm. At C/M Architects, each project is approached as a unique problem demanding well-informed, unique responses.